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Acne prone skin needs special care. Here are the dos and don'ts of caring for skin with acne:

Acne Skin Care DOs
Gently wash your skin with warm water and a mild natural facial cleanser.

Washing your skin twice a day will help to remove debris and pollutants that could block pores.

Choose oil free cosmetics and beauty products.

Regular make up contains fatty acids that are higher in fat than the fatty acids in your skin.
Look for organic cosmetics that are made for sensitive or acne prone skin.

Acne Skin Care DONTs
Over wash your skin. Excessive scrubbing will aggravate acne and more causes blemishes to open up and spread.

Pick your skin. Never pick, squeeze or abrade your acne blemishes. Squeezing a pimple or other blemish can cause permanent scarring. And breaking the scar can allow a secondary bacterial infection to take hold.

Smoke. Cigarette smoke is a toxin that is destructive to the organs both inside and outside the body.

Use skin toners. Skin toners provide extra cleansing to skin, but they are made of very drying ingredients such as alcohol and acetone that could be damaging to skin.

Expose your skin to sun. Many people think that sunlight will improve acne. And while it's true that some sun exposure may help dry up surface acne blemishes, prolonged sun exposure can damage skin and make acne worse in the long run.

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